Now you can enjoy even greater savings and value with our wholesale feature

Our wholesale program is pretty simple. Anything that is on the site www.kennebug.com is available wholesale and priced marked is suggested retail price and wholesale pricing is 50% off for approved accounts. We do not have a print catalog as we are constantly adding new designs. The website serves as our current catalog. As of now we have no minimum quantities per item or order. We hope to keep it that way but if people abuse the wholesale program we may have to implement a minimum but so far so good. We rather let you have the ability to buy and try a lot of different products without having to buy a large quantity of the same thing.

Our lead time is usually around a week or less. Just depends on the size of order and time of year. But we try to have a very quick turnaround.
We also offer dropshipping services on our products. You would order from us and then we ship to your customer. Blind dropshipping (where the customer does not know it is coming from us) has a discount of 25%. Open dropshipping where we do not change our return address or packing slips receive a 35% discount.

All you need to do fill out this form and then we will review and let you know our decision.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

We can do custom designs if you have something in mind you would like to carry and of course most any of the products can be customized to fit your needs such as event, location, or occasion.

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